Weekly Schedule Maintenance

In addition to a regular watering schedule, our professional service team fertilizes, prunes and trims.  Disease control and cleaning are also performed on a scheduled basis- but also as appearance dictates.  The important thing is to maintain outstanding appearance.  Regular supervisory visits insure quality control.

Professional Low Cost Maintenance

Professionalism, as we practice it, means that plant appearance is inspected regularly, that the standards are always the highest in the industry.  If a plant is growing too close to the ceiling, we replace it.  If there is a thinning of foliage, we correct it with another plant - fast.  Our people are better trained.  That is why our service is better and why our jobs look better! Consistent with our commitment to appearance, are people are dressed and groomed to look good everywhere.  Put it all together and the result is professionalism!!!

Our Guarantee Makes the Difference

Our know-how and professionalism mean spectacular appearance.  Our techniques and skilled staff let us guarantee the ongoing quality look of our clients' interiors.  The difference is one you can see, every day.  We try to replace plants before our clients know there is a problem.  With our in-depth inventory backup, we make replacements easily and rapidly.

Emily's Interior Landscaping